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The January Cake Club covered how to decorate cookies with royal icing. This is traditionally done on sugar cookies, but that can be overly sweet. Most of the people in the club thought the slightly less sweet taste of a shortbread cookie tastes nicer (though not all). As such, we used shortbread cookies. This post has a recipe from a guest contributor, my friend Jill, for Cream Cheese Shortbread Cookies. It also includes what I learned about decorating cookies. This, as well as most of the cake club entries, will not be very allergy friendly. That said, I think it could be made allergy friendly and might look into some allergy friendly options once I have finished my current cooking projects.



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Cake Club

Last month, I discovered that inside the Party For Less are three additional stores, one of which is a candy and cake supply store. Additionally, there is a cake club that meets there once a month to talk about cake decorating, recipes, and candy making! As I wanted to find a food related club for a while, I decided to give it a try.  Tuesday was the first meeting I attended. It was great fun. (more…)

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